Is mud and debris from dirty shoes and boots in your school, sports centre, office, or construction site driving you mad?!

Don’t worry – we know exactly how you feel. The team behind ‘Bootwash’ had exactly the same problem when working in construction too. We found that the outside was continually being trampled inside on a daily basis. This not only looked bad to visiting clients, but wet mud on tiled flooring also posed a health and safety risk. This inspired us to create the original ‘Bootwash’ cleaning product to help others with similar issues.

Once we developed and launched ‘BootWash’ into the construction sector, it quickly became popular with civil engineering companies and housebuilders. Since then, we have gone onto supply our simple to use ‘BootWash’ product to schools, farms, nature reserves, and facilities management companies. Being able to clean muddy shoes has never been easier!

This success gave us the confidence to press on and develop new footwear cleaning products. ‘BootBrush’, for example, allows you to clean dirty boots without getting them wet. Our innovative ‘BootTray’ gives everyone somewhere stylish and safe to leave boots if they do need to dry out. Most recently, our team has developed the ‘BootStation’ which gives you a total footwear cleaning solution to enjoy. We are sure that you’ll find one of our products ideal in sorting out whatever specific issues you face.

Of course, we are not planning on stopping there! We are always looking to develop new products for our range. If you have a footwear cleaning requirement that we don’t seem to meet currently, get in touch. Our team would be very happy to design the product you need and then add it to our range for everyone else to enjoy. Thanks for stopping by our site and we look forward to hearing from you.

The ‘Bootwash’ Team

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