BootWash is an innovative solution to clean muddy boots without getting mud and dirty water all over yourself or your environment. It provides an effortless way to remove mud and debris from footwear whilst maintaining a tidy work area.


The BootWash has been created using heavy-gauge mild steel, which has been powder coated to maximise its durability while you clean muddy boots. The BootWash is a long, rectangular container measuring 300mm x 800mm x 300mm, designed to comfortably accommodate any foot size.

Three large, extra strong nylon brush heads are positioned along the bottom and both sides so that you can rub your boot back and forth against them, tro instantly clean muddy boots, the sole and sides and toe and heel. The brush heads are replaceable, making the BootWash a lasting solution to muddy footwear.

This Trio Brush technology is what makes BootWash unique and has made it a popular choice among construction workers, council workers, schools, sports clubs and farmers alike.

There’s no need to remove your footwear before using!

The broad base makes the BootWash stable once filled with water or disinfectant, and convenient carry handles at both ends make it extremely portable. The carry handles also help to make the BootWash strong and rigid.

Simple to use

Fill the BootWash with water or a disinfectant solution and pour it away when dirty – the easy-pour lip will make this child’s play. Then simply rinse and replenish your water or disinfectant to use the BootWash again.

This will swiftly become a product that you cannot work without!

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